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The Path to Sustainable future


Discover the safest and most advanced Hydrogen Technology H2CREO

We’re creating a new Standard of using 


H2CREO creates the most advanced liquid hydrogen technologies accelerating hydrogen economy viable and practical for all sectors of human activities.

We introduce the safest, the simplest, and the most energy-efficient solutions covering entire LH2 value chain to hydrogen market and industry using state-of-the-art cryogenic engineering technology.




We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World

Design & Engineering

H2Creo has been developing products of Hydrogen liquefaction, Liquid Hydrogen storage, hydrogen refueling parts, and liquid hydrogen applications covering entire hydrogen value chain for over +100 years of combined experience.

​Innovative  cryogenic technology provides safe and cost-efficient hydrogen energy solutions for land, sea, air, space, residential and industrial applications.

Especially, H2CREO provides the best-in-class performance and reliability through re-engineering of the various liquefaction cycles in accordance with capacity of liquefaction requirements. Through cryogenic insulation know-how gained through many years of experience, H2creo provide the best solutions, which is able to be stored and used without loss, optimized for mass production. 


Liquefier & storage Tank


Ultra-Light Aerial Mobility Tank


Ground Storage Tank

Prototyping & Fabrication

Based on the needs of various customers, H2CREO has been manufacturing various-sized liquefiers and  storage tanks. H2CREO has been also manufacturing diverse applications for using liquid hydrogen, including receptacles, nozzles, control systems and Fuel cell based power pack for drones.


H2CREO has been developing an optimized system through cycle re-engineering from small lab scale to large industrial scale  hydrogen liquefiers and LH2 storage tanks.

These novel products are safe, compact, stack-able, modular, deployable, and mass-producible to lower CAPEX and OPEX 

Consulting & Commissioning

H2CREO is a hydrogen technology provider focused on decarbonization and solving the climate crisis. We provide services ranging from envision consulting, master planning, research project,   and project management to engineering and commissioning services covering entire hydrogen value chain.

From extensive experience on various size of liquid hydrogen storage design, engineering and fabrication, H2creo has been developed widely applicable LH2 storage tank to hydrogen powered drones, mobile refueling station, and even large-scale ground storage tank.



A different approach, using the most advanced cryogenic technology.

H2creo has successfully developed the novel liquefiers range from lab  to industrial scale through re-engineering  GM cryocooer cycle, reverse-Brayton helium refrigeration cycle, Claude hydregen liquefaction cycle and Cascade Joule-Thompson hydrogen liquefaction cycle.

Our company Founder & CEO and multiple team members have been working over a decade in the filed of Financial consulting, Cryogenic, cryogenic insulation and manufacturing, and electronics control and IOT sectors.




Mutual benefits will be immediately guaranteed for success in upcoming hydrogen economy.  H2CREO is closely working with world-class organizations, technology experts, and leading companies  in hydrogen industry. 


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